Session Two~ Health & the Human Body 2018

This session, the Elementary Eagles will be diving into the study of Health in the Human Body! We will begin our study with the skeleton and the role the bones play, then the organs, digestive system and what affects it all. We will explore how the choices we make each day affect our organs, cells, blood, brain function and how we grow into healthy adults. We'll understand what food labels are, how to read them and what it means in terms of health and nutrition. Through the study of sugar, insulin, blood sugar, macro & micronutrients, we'll see how the human body works as a machine, with many important moving parts! We'll learn about heroes in the world of health, and the research that guides what we know, and how we make the right choices to live a healthful life. 

In addition, each Eagle will dive deeper into a subject they find interesting regarding health while conducting a Passion Project research study. During the exhibition, look to your Eagle to show you the deeper work they've explored!

We can't wait to share with you all we learn over the next 5 weeks, and we'll see you at the Health & Human Body Exhibition on November 15th at 2:15

In health and gratitude,

Acton Academy West Guides~

Ashley & Sara

The Game of Life Quest (MS/HS) ~Session two 2018

The goal of The Game Of Life Quest (Personal Finance) is to prepare Heroes with tools to thrive in the real world by going beyond a few basic financial tools and skills, and delving deeply into the helpful and destructive ways money can influence our lives. This starts with an exploration of the meaning of money for each person. Heroes will research and plan what their financial futures will look like as well as vocations and careers. Each individual will pitch the job, providing proof of talents and passions and explaining which apprenticeships and college degrees had prepared them for the position. In doing so, the twists and turns and path dependencies of early life choices become clearer. As the quest progresses, they will have surprise events that will pop up (medical expenses, unexpected damage to their house, etc) and they will see how not planning for those events can have life-changing consequences.

Joey~ Acton West MS/HS Guide

Building the Tribe Quest ~ Session One 2018

Acton West Families,

Welcome to Session One! This year is already shaping up to be one of the best yet as we dive into our quest study on Building the Tribe! During this Community quest, we focus not only on what makes a community as a whole but also what our role is within the group. We learn what it means to be a responsible citizen online, in groups of people, and alone. In pairs, small groups and in large groups, we will challenge ourselves, we will discover our learning style and how to work with people who have different learning styles, love languages and ways of thinking.

Another way we strengthen our community during Session 1 is through the LIP DUB! One of the Eagles' favorite challenges is creating a music video! A thoughtful song will be chosen for the Eagles to perform along with the Middle School, on video. They will choose how and when each person performs, plan the choreography, costumes, scenery, and filming. 

During this session, the Eagles will create the contract they will abide by throughout the rest of the year. Through this process, an elected committee will gather data from the community about the rules they want to set into place, lead the votes and put together our final product. This process will end with a sacred ceremony in which everyone in the community signs the contract, thus taking the plunge into their Hero's Journey. 

We are looking forward to wrapping up Session 1 at our Exhibition on October 4th, where the Elementary Eagles will walk their families and friends through the Core Skills process. The Eagles will present our Core Skills, badges and more through a "station experience." You will have the opportunity to ask questions, log on, see the badge books and ask any clarifying questions to your Eagles to fully understand the unique systems at Acton. We feel that this will be beneficial for family communication and confidence in your child's ability to manage his or her badge progress this year. 

The Middle & High School Eagles will be holding a different variation of this exhibition, highlighting their individual plans mapped out for the year.

We can't wait for all of the elements to unfold, to watch each other grow and build our community even deeper! 

With gratitude,

The Acton West Guides

ES Marine Biology Quest ~Session Seven 2018

This session, the Acton West Eagles will be diving deep into Marine Biology! Through the exploration of the seas, we will discover more about the oceans, marine ecosystems, life below water, the Coral Reefs and the human impact on Earth's oceans. Through group projects and independent study, we can't wait to wrap up this fabulous school year as heroes of the sea!

Ashley & Sara~Acton Academy West Guides

ES Session Six 2018 ~ Psychology Quest

In session six, the Eagles will get to explore the basics of Psychology, the study of the human mind. As they start their journey, they will first learn about the theory of consciousness and the power that the Growth Mindset has over our thoughts. Next they will meet their mentor, the brain, and will gather all the wisdom each function has to offer. Helpers and allies, many significant psychologists, will help them understand the brain, thoughts, and behaviors through their theories. They will begin the Road of Trials with the Scientific Method as they create their very own experiments. During the journey, they will also be challenged with the theories of Nature vs Nurture, the basics of behavior, and the discovery of personality traits. We cannot wait for you all to come and join us for Our Final Showdown (the exhibition) to see how much we have learned! 

Sara & Ashley ~ Acton Academy West Guides

MS Session Six 2018 ~ Biology Medical Quest!

This Session the MS Eagles will be working on the Biology Medical Quest. Eagles will be working as both a researcher and a practicing physician, diagnosing real cases.

As a medical researcher, Eagles will be writing and presenting a speech, campaigning for more funding to cure a particular disease. In this speech, Eagles will use: Pathos by invoking the story of a real person who has the disease; Logos to argue logically why more funding per case is needed and Ethos by standing in the shoes of a real researcher, explaining scientifically how a cure might be possible.  


Separately, Eagles will also work as part of a team constructing a video, drawing or model of one of the systems of the human body.


Finally, Eagles will assume the role of Gregory House, MD, a famous diagnostician TV character, modeled after Sherlock Holmes. As Dr. House, Eagles will study how medicine is practiced, eventually working in a team of doctors, learning to query patients and diagnose cases.

Joey ~ Middle School Guide

Session Five 2018 ~ Elementary Architecture Quest

During this session, the Eagles will be exploring the concepts of Architecture & Design! We will cover all different types from residential, retail, structural to commercial.  In teams of 2 or 3 peers, we will explore scale, Heroes in Architecture, blueprints, rendering, building codes, 3D models, architecture tools and much more. Not only will we be exploring what it takes to design inspiring buildings, but also the lives that we want. We will explore what it takes to dig deep, recognize the areas in which we want to grow and the types of citizens we truly want to be. We can't wait to share our final building designs with you at our Architecture Exhibition. 

Ashley & Sara ~ Elementary Guides

Session Five ~ Middle School Biology Quest 2018

This is the first of three middle school quests about Biology. This session, Eagles are exposed to challenges and games concerning the tiniest of organisms to systems that affect our entire planet, and from the dawn of time to the latest scientific breakthroughs. Researching and exploring the lives of Biology Heroes and the process of discovery and paradigm shifts.

At the exhibition, teams of Eagles will create one or more interactive experiments or displays representing different areas of biology: cell, plant, animal, human, or Biosphere. In addition to competing for the most engaging scientific experiment display, teams will showcase Biology knowledge in a Biology Bee. There will also be a reading of the Best-in-Studio Biology Hero Biographies.


Session Four 2018 ~ Entrepreneurship Quest!

For the (elementary) Entrepreneurship quest, the Eagles are split into 6 "Companies," and are in beginning stages of creating their own profitable business. Together they have assigned roles (CEO, VP of Marketing, Finance, etc.), conduct market research, study Ethics, Marketing and Ad tactics, create their brand, business plan and budgets for a successful business. As these companies develop, they will watch in real time as their chosen Publicly Traded Companies ebb and flow. As we watch the market together each day, we will be able to collect the data on what it takes to make it in the real world. The culmination of this Quest will be that of a "Trade Show" where guests will watch as our young Entrepreneurs present their ideas in hopes of further creation toward the Spring Business Fair in March! 

Ashley & Sara ~ Acton Academy West Guides 

Session Three 2017 ~ Mini Quest on Judicial System (Elementary Studio)

During this mini-session, we will be exploring the Judicial System through a series of simulations. We will dive deeper into the court system, the process of jury trials, evidence, and many famous cases throughout history. We will challenge the Eagles to think deeper about the "fairness" of certain cases and what it means to be a strong citizen in a community. The systems we use at Acton (holding each other accountable, the Eagle Buck system, Town Council and Socratic Discussions to name a few.)  correlate directly with the systems used in our county, state, and country. We continue to immerse the Eagles in real-world scenarios, and we are excited to watch them grow further in our quest!

Ashley & Sara~ Acton West Guides

Session Two ~ Coding

During this quest, the Eagles will learn the fundamentals of programming and code through fun and interactive ways. Based on each Eagle's level of experience and knowledge about Computer Science, they will explore the basics of programming, collaboration techniques, investigation and  algorithms, nested loops, conditionals, translate their initials into binary, investigate different problem-solving techniques and so much more. Discussions will go  beyond coding as we learn more about digital citizenship, cyberbullying and the societal impacts of computing and the internet. We can't wait to share our end product at this session's exhibition! 

Sara, Ashley & Joey ~ Acton Academy West Guides

Session One ~ Part Two ~ Passion Projects Mini Quest 2017

Every year we like to start off our first quest with a passion project. We love learning more about our Eagles as we see what gets their creative juices flowing!

 We were inspired by Google's Genius Hour Idea, in which employees are empowered to explore their own passions for 20% of their day. Here at Acton West, our Eagles are exploring their own passions during project time for the rest of this session. In the beginning stages of Genius Hour, the Eagles will spend time thinking of the things that drive them, excite them and inspire them to gather more information. Some projects are made to solve a problem or satisfy a need. Projects will be planned through idea mapping, gathering supplies and sometimes, collaborating with others. While working alone or on teams, the Eagles will be spending their Genius Hour time researching their subjects, asking detailed questions and working on their end product. With the Acton Business Fair just around the corner, we encourage the Eagles to think deeper about the process of researching, editing, revising and creating. We can't wait for you to see the final Exhibition on October 5th!

Acton Academy West Team


Session One (part one) 2017 *Lip Dub Team Building Challenge!

The lip dub team building exercise that has been highly acclaimed with the main campus over the past few years- This is our third year doing it and couldn't be more excited about it! 

The lip dub video is a beginning of the year challenge to get all of the students involved and working together. The students planned out the video entirely themselves from start to finish. Besides getting to know their new school mates while working to accomplish a common goal, some of the concepts covered through this project include:

  • working on a team (each team planned a section of the video)

  • working across teams (each team had to communicate with each other to ensure the video would flow from one part to the next)

  • critiquing exemplar work (students watched examples from other Acton locations and other schools to identify strengths and weaknesses) 

  • creating a rubric (students created criteria for their own rubric based on the strengths they identified in model videos)

  • self-evaluation/reflection (students will evaluate and reflect on their final product using the rubric they created)

  • Building self confidence: (First hand experience building something from the ground up that is completely student led. This helps them understand their potential here at Acton and what they can accomplish on their own, without teachers, this is an important lesson when adapting to this new learning environment.)

Watching these kids enjoy and embrace this challenge with such bravery is a humbling experience. We always see character traits come out that we didn't anticipated during this challenge, some of the more reserved kids taking leadership roles and blossoming with pride and confidence, others over coming their fears to support for their teammates- all expressing their unique creativity-we know you all will be so proud, impressed and inspired, as much as we have been after seeing the final take!

~Acton Academy West Team

Physics Quest ~ Session Seven

This session, as we wrap up the year in the Studio, our elementary and middle schoolers will be exploring the science of how things work through experimentation and investigation into Physics. Through our quest, we will explore the elements of classical mechanics, fluid dynamics, buoyancy, relativity, energy, force and gravity. We will be diving deeper into the lives of influential physicists including Sir Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Galileo and Archimedes.

~Acton West Team

Gardening Quest~ Session Six (Elementary and Middle School)

During this Spring Session, the Eagles will plan, build, create and harvest from their own Community Gardens! Through the early processes of exploring the science behind soil composition, companion plants & insects, seed sprouting & transplants, we will gain enough information to create our own Gardening Field Guides which we can keep with us for reference for many years to come. Through daily Garden Journals, we will focus on the maintenance and patience it takes to grow a fruitful garden. Through our desktop gardens, we will experience growing fruit, vegetables & herbs from seed in an enclosed ecosystem while discovering the properties of the Earth and how everything comes together in farming and agriculture. Through further exploration of agriculture and farming in the United States, we will research, write and explore the effects of GMOs, Climate change, Organic farming, pesticides and through Socratic Discussions, the pros & cons of both sides. Not only will we experience the patience it takes for physical growth in the garden, but from day 1 of this session, we are digging deep into the growth within ourselves and our community. 

MUSIC QUEST ~ Session Five (elementary & middle school)

This session, we will be exploring the science, techniques, genres and legendary pioneers of MUSIC! We will begin our quest with the science of sound using Sound Labs during Project time. We will explore vibrations, pitch, tone, and how music affects the way we feel. During these labs, we will be using the Scientific Method to write Lab Reports complete with hypotheses, analyzations of our observations and conclusions. As we move throughout the next 6 weeks, we will explore construction of instruments, composition of songs, what it takes to be a musician, and what it takes to plan a successful performance. We will also use our Civilization time to explore Classical composers and the history of music. The Eagles are excited to jump in to the history with an individual research project inspired by an artist who helped shape the musical scene, ranging from Beethoven, B.B. King, The Beatles and so many more. We will explore the artist's inspirations, life story, Hero's Journey and contribution to the timeline of music as we know it today. We are looking forward to sharing this journey with you as we grow our knowledge and experience of music & sound!

Acton West Guides ~ Ashley, Sara & Joey

Art Quest *Citycats, Session 4 add on art quest with Zoey!

Acton Art Action!

For the next 6 weeks we will be on our visual art adventure. Our assignment will be creating sculptures and paintings.


Citycats. Truely like no others.

Citycats have at least nine lives, maybe more. 

Some are into art and become masterpieces. 

Others walk on the wild side, covered in tattoos and urban graffiti showing their true colors. 

Some run away to join the circus, others have fingers and super powers.

Created of papier-mache (French for "chewed paper") they thrive on life, art and curiosity.

Students will name their cat and write a short story of their cats personality and adventures. 


We will create Animal Portraits. Using acrylic paint and wild colors, animals will appear magical in a transformative painting that represents what only an artists eye can see. 

We look forward to our Acton Eagles reigniting their creative spirit and demonstrating their "Art Power."

Attached are Citycat and Animal Portrait examples.

Peace & Love,


Zoey Upshaw is Art Guide at Acton Academy. She guides students through creative processes so they learn the fundamentals of fine art and the skills for loving and living life. With lots of positive energy and instruction, students learn to paint, draw, sculpt, print and create masterpieces. 



In the art studio Zoey encourages students to let their imaginations take them on visual journeys that lead to transformation and innovation. She is constantly looking for new creative ways to engage students and inspire artistic expression. 

Zoey says her Heroes are masters of the Arts - Michelangelo, O’keeffe and Einstein, at least for today.  





Entrepreneurship Quest! Session 4 ~ 2017

Welcome back to a new year, Acton families!  We just know it's going to be a GREAT one! To launch our brand new 2017 year, we watched one of our favorite videos (linked below) and tales about the little actions we take in our lives that make a real difference in the lives of others.  This was a great way to launch into this session's Quest...Entrepreneurship!  We will start by learning more about some of the larger companies we know well...Apple, Dell, Microsoft, etc. and how an everyday entrepreneur can become the head of a large, publicly traded company.  Not only will the Eagles research the details of creating a business from the ground up, but they will be following the Stock Market and how certain business choices can affect overall value of a company.  

On day 1, the Eagles were split into 8 "Companies," and are in beginning stages of creating their own company. Together they will assign roles (CEO, VP of Marketing, Finance, etc.), conduct market research, study Ethics, Marketing and Ad tactics, create their brand, business plan and budgets for a successful business. They even have a designation "HQ" within the Studio for Business Meetings! As their own companies develop over the next 6 weeks, they will also watch in real time as their assigned Publicly Traded Company ebbs and flows. As we watch the market together each day, we will be able to collect the data on what it takes to make it in the real world. The culmination of this Quest will be that of a "Trade Show" where guests will watch as our young Entrepreneurs present their ideas in hopes of further creation toward the Spring Business Fair on March 4th. 

Feel free to revisit this video with your Eagles at home, it's a big hit and sparks some great conversations. 


With Gratitude in the New Year, 

Ashley & Sara
~The Acton Academy West Guides 

Middle School: Mini Quest ~ Session 3 and Entrepreneurship Quest ~ Session 4

Our Mini Quest is only three weeks, we covered a lot in a short period of time. We started out the session with each of the students acting as a component of a circuit by pretending to be a battery, resistor, LED, wires, and switch. They would pass electrons (paper electrons) to each other to show the flow of electricity through the circuit. After the exercise, each student built their own physical circuits and then we had a socratic discussion about Ohm's Law (relationship between Voltage, Current, & Resistance). We then introduced them to some programs where they built virtual circuits in an online application. We eventually stepped them up into using breadboards, transistors, and Arduinos (micro-controllers) so they could wire their own prototype circuits.

In parallel to learning about circuits, they were building their a storyboard of a Hero's Journey. The whole thing was launched using the examples that you provided in the last parent meeting. They were divided up into teams of two and each team had to come up with a backstory of a hero. Each team pitched their character and backstory and the group voted on "the best backstory". This character ended up being the main character in the final Hero’s Journey Exhibition.

Each team created a part of the Hero's Journey (Call To Adventure, Allies/Mentors, Road Of Trials, Final Showdown, and Return Home) with their new hero. All the teams had to work together to come up with their own part of a cohesive storyboard. This took a lot of effort for the team to self organize, and we had a great discussion about what are the advantages and disadvantages about organization making decisions in a democratic versus executive way.

After they finalized the storyboard, they had to use their new circuit skills to help them tell the story of the Hero in the final exhibition.

Entrepreneurship ~ Session Four

We are diving into the basics of entrepreneurship. We started the session with an exercise digging into the type of people that they are and what types of opportunities they see in the world. The questions they needed to wrestle with were:

1) Is there a great injustice in the world they would like to solve?

2) Is there a problem that they see that can be fixed by starting a business?

3) Do they have a special gift that aligns with starting a specific type of business?


As the quest continues, the Eagles will be introduced to:

Unit Economics

Basics Of Operations



Setting Prices

Business Plans

As we introduce the concepts above, we are going to have some competitions that will allow some of the students to go to an Acton MBA case discussion, and we will Shark Tank type presentations to win prize money for their start up costs for the business fair.

Mini-quests! Session 3, 2016



This session, because of the shorter term, we are excited to work through several "mini-quests" with the Eagles over the next three weeks. During week 1, we're asking the Eagles to "Show me the Money!" Through this Finance mini-quest, we are working through Personal Finance, making a Budget, and creating a real world game of LIFE!  

As we move through the session, we will use our Personal Finance skills to guide us through projects using data analysis, reading/creating charts, graphs and code.

During week 3, we will move into a Civilization Simulation regarding our historical ancestors.  Where did they come from? Did they come to Ellis Island? What was the process like?

We can't wait to see the ideas they create, and where it takes us.  


Ashley & Sara ~ Acton Academy West Guides