Our student-driven project based curriculum is designed for students to develop the necessary cognitive skills and self-awareness to lead a full, happy life that is profoundly rich with meaning and purpose. We utilize:

  • Montessori and Socratic teaching methods to encourage deep critical thinking and self-mastery
  • The latest in educational technology to deliver reading, writing, foreign language and math skills tailored to individual learning styles
  • Apprenticeship (Middle School & High School) assignments to develop and practice real-world skills
  • Project Based Learning assignments to develop a deep love for learning
  • Examples from classic literature to promote a deep understanding of the human condition
  • “Running partner” relationships between students develop the interpersonal skills of listening, affirming and being accountable
  • Time reserved for mindful spiritual development, the arts and outdoor activities
  • Exploration and assessment of skill levels, learning styles, aptitudes, personality traits and desires