Team Building Challenge - Lip Dub ~Session one * week 1-2

The lip dub video is a beginning of the year challenge to get all of the students involved and working together. The students planned out the video entirely themselves from start to finish. Besides getting to know their new school mates while working to accomplish a common goal, some of the concepts covered through this project include:

  • working on a team (each team planned a section of the video)

  • working across teams (each team had to communicate with each other to ensure the video would flow from one part to the next)

  • critiquing exemplar work (students watched examples from other Acton locations and other schools to identify strengths and weaknesses) 

  • creating a rubric (students created criteria for their own rubric based on the strengths they identified in model videos)

  • self-evaluation/reflection (students will evaluate and reflect on their final product using the rubric they created)

  • Building self confidence: (First hand experience building something from the ground up that is completely student led. This helps them understand their potential here at Acton and what they can accomplish on their own, without teachers, this is an important lesson when adapting to this new learning environment.)

Watching the joy on these kids faces as they review their takes has been a privilege -we've seen character traits come out that we didn't anticipated during this challenge, some of the more reserved kids taking leadership roles and blossoming with pride and confidence, others over coming their fears to be there for their teams- all expressing their unique creativity-we know you all will be so proud, impressed and inspired, as much as we have been after seeing the final cut!

Catherine & Sara ~ Acton West Guides