The British Colony of Acton *week 6

This week, your heroes have traveled back in time to the year 1776. Acton Academy West has become the British colony of Acton. All week, students will immerse themselves in colonial times. Each student will be assigned the role of a well known patriot or loyalist to play this week. The guides will act as royal governors in this simulation, imposing taxes and other royal "proclamations" that the heroes will have to follow. 

Talk to your students about which side of the debate they are on and the struggles involved with each one. This simulation will culminate with the students debating their position (in character) whether to revolt against King George or not. They will explore the pros and cons of rebellion and use the persuasive powers they have been working on this session to sway their fellow colonists. 

We are looking forward to a lot of colonial style fun this week with your kids followed by a much deserved fall break! Have a great one!

Catherine & Sara ~ Acton West Guides