MS Session Six 2018 ~ Biology Medical Quest!

This Session the MS Eagles will be working on the Biology Medical Quest. Eagles will be working as both a researcher and a practicing physician, diagnosing real cases.

As a medical researcher, Eagles will be writing and presenting a speech, campaigning for more funding to cure a particular disease. In this speech, Eagles will use: Pathos by invoking the story of a real person who has the disease; Logos to argue logically why more funding per case is needed and Ethos by standing in the shoes of a real researcher, explaining scientifically how a cure might be possible.  


Separately, Eagles will also work as part of a team constructing a video, drawing or model of one of the systems of the human body.


Finally, Eagles will assume the role of Gregory House, MD, a famous diagnostician TV character, modeled after Sherlock Holmes. As Dr. House, Eagles will study how medicine is practiced, eventually working in a team of doctors, learning to query patients and diagnose cases.

Joey ~ Middle School Guide