Session One 2019 ~ Building the Tribe + Lip Dub

Acton West Families,

Welcome to Session One! This year is already shaping up to be one of the best yet as we dive into our quest study on Building the Tribe! During this Community quest, we focus not only on what makes a community as a whole but also what our role is within the group. We learn what it means to be a responsible citizen online, in groups of people, and alone. In pairs, small groups and in large groups, we will challenge ourselves, we will discover our learning style and how to work with people who have different learning styles, love languages and ways of thinking.

Another way we strengthen our community during Session 1 is through the LIP DUB! One of the Eagles' favorite challenges is creating a music video! A thoughtful song will be chosen for the Eagles to perform along with the Middle School & High School, on video. They will choose how and when each person performs, plan the choreography, costumes, scenery, and filming. 

During this session, the Eagles will create the contract they will abide by throughout the rest of the year. Through this process, an elected committee will gather data from the community about the rules they want to set into place, lead the votes and put together our final product. This process will end with a sacred ceremony in which everyone in the community signs the contract, thus taking the plunge into their Hero's Journey. 

We are looking forward to wrapping up Session 1 at our Exhibition on October 10th. 

We can't wait for all of the elements to unfold, to watch each other grow and build our community even deeper! 

With gratitude,

The Acton West Guides