Survival Quest - *Session 5

Welcome to Session 5! During this session, we will begin a Survival Quest. In weeks 1 and 2, we will begin by exploring organisms basic needs, animal and plant adaptations, and discovering what it takes to survive in a competitive world.

Next, during weeks 3 and 4 we will dive into ecosystems and how all organisms are interrelated and dependent.

Finally, we will experience various plant and animal life cycles with a hands on look at the life cycle of butterflies here in the studio. The culminating challenge will be for the level 3-5 students to apply their new knowledge to determine what it would take to survive in an outer space environment.

The level 1 and 2 students will research a certain animal and write a grant style proposal for the resources and environment it would require to raise it as a pet. We look forward to sharing our new vocabulary, interactive scientific notebooks, and final presentations with all of you!



Catherine & Sara ~ Acton West Guides