Butterfly Transformation Project with Zoey *Session 5 & 6

Zoey Upshaw is Art Guide at Acton Academy. She guides students through creative processes so they learn the fundamentals of fine art and the skills for loving and living life. With lots of positive energy and instruction, students learn to paint, draw, sculpt, print and create masterpieces.

In the art studio Zoey encourages students to let their imaginations take them on visual journeys that lead to transformation and innovation. She is constantly looking for new creative ways to engage students and inspire artistic expression.

Zoey says her Heroes are masters of the Arts - Michelangelo, O’keeffe and Einstein, at least for today.  


Some of the best teachers come from nature. Butterflies are going to inspire us to learn many lessons. We will create with acrylic paint giant butterflies. We will study metamorphosys, symmetry, creativity. Students will develop their drawing skills and learn the fundamentals of acrylic painting. This assignment guides us into an appreciation of beauty and gives us an opportunity to recreate that beauty in a masterpiece. Students will make creative decisions, mix colors, hold the brush properly and see line, color, value, texture, shape, form and space that need to be drawn and painted to the best of their ability.


The butterfly represents rebirth, revival, rejuvenation and transformation. We are all morphing, learning and evolving, Each of us have stories of how we experience change. Never stop the process of moving through the stages of the butterfly in your own life.

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