Summer Enrichment

Here are a few ways to include some enrichment over our short summer break. Students can participate in fun learning experiences without feeling pushed to the point of burnout!

Reading -

Independent reading books should be chosen at an instructional level (challenge zone) for your child (they can read AND understand MOST but not all of the content). Books that are just a little higher than their level, at a frustrational level (panic zone), are perfect for you to read TO them or with them. Finally, books that are a bit too easy (comfort zone) are great for your child to read to someone else (perhaps a younger sibling)... All three types of reading (independent, read aloud, and read to) are important to developing and improving literacy. Set family goals for daily or weekly reading time. Work with your child to improve their reading stamina!

Looking for reading material to take on vacation or read at home? The Texas Library Association has wonderful reading lists based on age/reading level.

2x2 List: Appropriate for ages 2 - 6 (link includes books and accompanying activities)

Bluebonnet List: Level 3 - 5 (this site also has TONS of accompanying resources including discussion questions you can ask your child to check for comprehension)

Lone Star List: Level 6-8 As always, especially with middle school content, use your parental discretion when helping your Eagle choose appropriate reading content. can help you search the exact reading level of books. (For example, BL: 5.4 indicates a book is at the level of the 4th month of 5th grade)

Writing - Keep a journal, or better yet, continue the blogs we started this session so that students can share what they are doing, thinking, feeling with each other while they are away! This is a highly engaging, social way to get our 21st century learners writing. Our blogs our private to our school only (students have a password they can share with family members or friends if they would like to)

STEM hands-on: Here is a blog by Girlstart, an Austin company that gets girls involved and interested in STEM subjects (science, tech, engineering, and math). Their hands-on activities would be fun for your family to do together at home this summer (and not just for girls!!)

Camp Recommendations:

Summer Spark - Started by an Acton Guide


Travel...relax...and enjoy quality time with your family! Can't wait to see the Eagles back in September!