Digital Citizenship and Multimedia Project Quest ~ Session 6

During our last quest of the school year, we are sending our Eagles off with very important digital citizenship skills. We will be having discussions and simulations about how to handle many situations they may encounter online. These include internet safety topics such as cyberbullying, how to protect private information, and cultivating a positive digital footprint.

 Students will also be applying their new digital skills with a variety of multimedia projects including creating their own blogs, podcasts, and digital stories. There are many benefits and reasons to blog at school! Here are a few of them...


The Eagles have already shown a lot of enthusiasm about this quest! We are excited to see what they create, and can't believe we've made it to the final session already! 

We are getting our digital citizenship resources from  The blogs are safe and secure and made specifically for education on

Catherine & Sara ~ Acton Academy West Guides