Entrepreneurship Quest! Session 4 ~ 2017

Welcome back to a new year, Acton families!  We just know it's going to be a GREAT one! To launch our brand new 2017 year, we watched one of our favorite videos (linked below) and tales about the little actions we take in our lives that make a real difference in the lives of others.  This was a great way to launch into this session's Quest...Entrepreneurship!  We will start by learning more about some of the larger companies we know well...Apple, Dell, Microsoft, etc. and how an everyday entrepreneur can become the head of a large, publicly traded company.  Not only will the Eagles research the details of creating a business from the ground up, but they will be following the Stock Market and how certain business choices can affect overall value of a company.  

On day 1, the Eagles were split into 8 "Companies," and are in beginning stages of creating their own company. Together they will assign roles (CEO, VP of Marketing, Finance, etc.), conduct market research, study Ethics, Marketing and Ad tactics, create their brand, business plan and budgets for a successful business. They even have a designation "HQ" within the Studio for Business Meetings! As their own companies develop over the next 6 weeks, they will also watch in real time as their assigned Publicly Traded Company ebbs and flows. As we watch the market together each day, we will be able to collect the data on what it takes to make it in the real world. The culmination of this Quest will be that of a "Trade Show" where guests will watch as our young Entrepreneurs present their ideas in hopes of further creation toward the Spring Business Fair on March 4th. 

Feel free to revisit this video with your Eagles at home, it's a big hit and sparks some great conversations. 


With Gratitude in the New Year, 

Ashley & Sara
~The Acton Academy West Guides