Art Quest *Citycats, Session 4 add on art quest with Zoey!

Acton Art Action!

For the next 6 weeks we will be on our visual art adventure. Our assignment will be creating sculptures and paintings.


Citycats. Truely like no others.

Citycats have at least nine lives, maybe more. 

Some are into art and become masterpieces. 

Others walk on the wild side, covered in tattoos and urban graffiti showing their true colors. 

Some run away to join the circus, others have fingers and super powers.

Created of papier-mache (French for "chewed paper") they thrive on life, art and curiosity.

Students will name their cat and write a short story of their cats personality and adventures. 


We will create Animal Portraits. Using acrylic paint and wild colors, animals will appear magical in a transformative painting that represents what only an artists eye can see. 

We look forward to our Acton Eagles reigniting their creative spirit and demonstrating their "Art Power."

Attached are Citycat and Animal Portrait examples.

Peace & Love,


Zoey Upshaw is Art Guide at Acton Academy. She guides students through creative processes so they learn the fundamentals of fine art and the skills for loving and living life. With lots of positive energy and instruction, students learn to paint, draw, sculpt, print and create masterpieces. 



In the art studio Zoey encourages students to let their imaginations take them on visual journeys that lead to transformation and innovation. She is constantly looking for new creative ways to engage students and inspire artistic expression. 

Zoey says her Heroes are masters of the Arts - Michelangelo, O’keeffe and Einstein, at least for today.