Gardening Quest~ Session Six (Elementary and Middle School)

During this Spring Session, the Eagles will plan, build, create and harvest from their own Community Gardens! Through the early processes of exploring the science behind soil composition, companion plants & insects, seed sprouting & transplants, we will gain enough information to create our own Gardening Field Guides which we can keep with us for reference for many years to come. Through daily Garden Journals, we will focus on the maintenance and patience it takes to grow a fruitful garden. Through our desktop gardens, we will experience growing fruit, vegetables & herbs from seed in an enclosed ecosystem while discovering the properties of the Earth and how everything comes together in farming and agriculture. Through further exploration of agriculture and farming in the United States, we will research, write and explore the effects of GMOs, Climate change, Organic farming, pesticides and through Socratic Discussions, the pros & cons of both sides. Not only will we experience the patience it takes for physical growth in the garden, but from day 1 of this session, we are digging deep into the growth within ourselves and our community.