MUSIC QUEST ~ Session Five (elementary & middle school)

This session, we will be exploring the science, techniques, genres and legendary pioneers of MUSIC! We will begin our quest with the science of sound using Sound Labs during Project time. We will explore vibrations, pitch, tone, and how music affects the way we feel. During these labs, we will be using the Scientific Method to write Lab Reports complete with hypotheses, analyzations of our observations and conclusions. As we move throughout the next 6 weeks, we will explore construction of instruments, composition of songs, what it takes to be a musician, and what it takes to plan a successful performance. We will also use our Civilization time to explore Classical composers and the history of music. The Eagles are excited to jump in to the history with an individual research project inspired by an artist who helped shape the musical scene, ranging from Beethoven, B.B. King, The Beatles and so many more. We will explore the artist's inspirations, life story, Hero's Journey and contribution to the timeline of music as we know it today. We are looking forward to sharing this journey with you as we grow our knowledge and experience of music & sound!

Acton West Guides ~ Ashley, Sara & Joey