The Game of Life Quest (MS/HS) ~Session two 2018

The goal of The Game Of Life Quest (Personal Finance) is to prepare Heroes with tools to thrive in the real world by going beyond a few basic financial tools and skills, and delving deeply into the helpful and destructive ways money can influence our lives. This starts with an exploration of the meaning of money for each person. Heroes will research and plan what their financial futures will look like as well as vocations and careers. Each individual will pitch the job, providing proof of talents and passions and explaining which apprenticeships and college degrees had prepared them for the position. In doing so, the twists and turns and path dependencies of early life choices become clearer. As the quest progresses, they will have surprise events that will pop up (medical expenses, unexpected damage to their house, etc) and they will see how not planning for those events can have life-changing consequences.

Joey~ Acton West MS/HS Guide