Session Two~ Health & the Human Body 2018

This session, the Elementary Eagles will be diving into the study of Health in the Human Body! We will begin our study with the skeleton and the role the bones play, then the organs, digestive system and what affects it all. We will explore how the choices we make each day affect our organs, cells, blood, brain function and how we grow into healthy adults. We'll understand what food labels are, how to read them and what it means in terms of health and nutrition. Through the study of sugar, insulin, blood sugar, macro & micronutrients, we'll see how the human body works as a machine, with many important moving parts! We'll learn about heroes in the world of health, and the research that guides what we know, and how we make the right choices to live a healthful life. 

In addition, each Eagle will dive deeper into a subject they find interesting regarding health while conducting a Passion Project research study. During the exhibition, look to your Eagle to show you the deeper work they've explored!

We can't wait to share with you all we learn over the next 5 weeks, and we'll see you at the Health & Human Body Exhibition on November 15th at 2:15

In health and gratitude,

Acton Academy West Guides~

Ashley & Sara