ES Acton Athens Simulation Quest ~ Session 3 -2018

Greetings, AAW ES friends and families!

Each year during the third session, we transport ourselves during a simulation quest. Previously, we've explored Colonial Acton, Ellis Island, the Salem Witch Trials and this year, we will transport ourselves back in time to Acton Athens, where we'll complete various challenges as an avatar, a Greek hero of each Eagle's choice. Each challenge will earn coins that can be used throughout this session for various supplies and incentives.

We'll work our way through Oikos (the home), where we'll make things that would have been made in a Greek home like toys and art. We'll explore Academia (the academy), where we'll learn mythology, how to do math like a Greek, how to write the Greek alphabet, and geography. We'll visit the Agora (the market), where we'll buy and rent the items we need to complete the challenges, as well as hand-made Greek items from each other. Finally, we'll spend time in The Stoa of Attalos where we'll participate in philosophical discussions and Socratic Discussion competitions.

When we begin Project Time each day, we'll get into character by putting on a name tag and earning traditional laurel wreaths. In Ancient Greece, laurel wreaths were given to victors of athletic and academic competitions.

During Civilization this session, we’ll also do a read-aloud of The Iliad, an epic poem and one of the first books ever written, set during the Trojan War.

This session is so fun every year, and we can't wait to see it unfold!

We do not do exhibitions for our simulation quest.

Καλησπέρα! (Have a great afternoon/evening!) Ashley & Sara