MS Robotics Mini Quest ~ Session 3 /2018

This session the middle school is doing an introduction to robotics. They will be exploring the world of electricity, switches, sensors, micro-controllers (Arduinos) and programming their robots in C++. They will need to master each of the skills so they can create and program a "driverless car" to drive, avoid a pedestrian, and park in their designated parking area, to be seen at the exhibition. 

This session's writer's workshop will be a creative writing piece that will be based on an image they select early in the session. They will create a character and world based on the image. They will be exploring Freytag's Pyramid and the Hero's Journey as they shape their story. 

Last but not least, we will be doing Colonial Acton during Civilization. This will include learning about the American Revolution, but will they will also role play the characters in the revolution, but includes having to follow the tyrannical rules of King George, including taxes, limiting permissions, etc. 

~ Joey