Survival Quest ES&MS ~Session 5/2019

This session for all levels, the Eagles are exploring what it’s like to survive in the wilderness. We started our session discovering the concept of foraging. We explored safe and unsafe plants and bugs that are available in the wild here in Texas. As the weeks go on, we’ll explore the use of maps and compasses, as well as the stars and gravitational pull directing a compass to North. Orienteering skills help us discover where we are in space, as well as how to get here and there. We’ll explore shelter, setting up tents, safety in the wild (animals, snakes, spiders, fire and more) and how to prepare for a trip. Not only creating a list but sticking to that list and cutting unnecessary packing items. We’re excited to supplement this quest with visits from wilderness experts, CPR & First Aid certifications for older Eagles, Snake Safety experts and will wrap it all up with a family campout March 28th - 29. During our campout exhibition, the Eagles will show in real time the skills learned over the last 5 weeks. 

~Acton Academy West Guides